Concrete Paving

Property Paving, Inc. performs all aspects of concrete paving and maintenance, including but not limited to parking lot paving, sidewalks, foundations, slabs, curb and gutter, patios, steps, stairs, beams, piers, handicap ramps, balconies, retaining walls, dumpster pads, and speed bumps.

Concrete paving has many different applications and thicknesses. Concrete surfaces can be broom finished, smooth finished, colored, stamped, patterned, aggregate exposed, grooved and scored. While all projects vary, certain protocol exists on all concrete applications to ensure complete satisfaction and job integrity. Details such as straight cuts, proper spacing and height of rebar, matching expansion joints, saw or tooling control joints, edging the perimeter, proper floating and timing of the surface finishing all make the difference in a quality finished product.

Parking Lot Signs, Striping and more